Worried About How To Eat Microgreens? - Here 6 Best Ways

Worried About How To Eat Microgreens? – Here 6 Best Ways

Microgreens are miniature greens that are edible at early growth stages. These days, microgreens are on trend and gained popularity. But, the thing is people have started growing them and the entire cultivation process has been known by them, the thing that they still need to know is how are these consumed. Are they eaten raw or should we add them to salads or something like that is the doubt that most people still have.

This article will help you with all the aspects with the main focus on how to eat microgreens in every possible way we can. When I say this, it means I would be telling you the ways these can be added to your diet. Microgreens are essentially the seedlings of vegetables and herbs that are harvested just after the emergence of their first true leaves.

Unlike sprouts, which are harvested at an even earlier stage, microgreens are allowed to grow for a slightly longer period, typically between 7 to 21 days after germination. Did you ever think that these little greens have found so many ways to be added to our daily routine right in the home without any dependency on external sources?

People have always had this question of how to eat microgreens. You might have probably seen this in very fancy and exotic cafes and restaurants where some tiny and crunchy greens stuck in between the last wrap you had. All these can also be done and made by you. Like, why not? Let us dive into how to eat microgreens.

How To Eat  Microgreens?

  1. Wraps and sandwiches
  2. Garnishing & Toppins
  3. Salads & Soups
  4. Veg bowls
  5. Smoothie bowls
  6. Sauteed dishes & Stirr fries

Wraps and sandwiches

Toppings for Wraps and Sandwiches:

Use microgreens as a nutritious and colorful topping for wraps and sandwiches. Microgreens can be added to wraps and sandwiches to increase the flavor and nutrition of your meal. Spread a layer of your favorite spread (such as hummus, pesto, or avocado mash) onto your wrap or bread.

Place a generous handful of microgreens on top of the spread. You can use a single type of microgreen or mix and match different varieties for a diverse flavor profile. These can also be used in other dishes like tofu, grilled meat or as a stuffing for any spiced food.

Wraps with Microgreens as the Main Ingredient:

Create wraps where microgreens are the star ingredient. These microgreens can be combined with other ingredients as well. These combinations will for sure enhance your meals by making them flavorful. Mix microgreens with cooked quinoa or rice, diced vegetables, and your favorite dressing or sauce. Slice the wrap into smaller pieces for easy serving, or wrap it in parchment paper for a portable meal.

Microgreen and Cheese Sandwiches:

Create simple yet delicious sandwiches by layering microgreens with your favorite cheese between slices of bread. Choose a crusty artisan bread or a soft sandwich bread, depending on your preference. You can add them to a slice of bread which is topped with grated cheese. Top with the second slice of bread and press gently to secure the sandwich. To enhance the flavor, add tomato slices or oregano that will make your dish continental and exotic.

Garnishes & Toppings

  • Microgreens are visually striking with their vibrant colors, intricate shapes, and delicate textures. Microgreens can be added just as garnish and this simple touch will elevate the look of your dish. 
  • Whether sprinkled over salads, arranged in decorative patterns, or delicately placed atop entrees, microgreens catch the eye and invite diners to indulge in the dish. Despite their diminutive size, microgreens are bursting with flavor. Each variety of microgreens gives its unique taste and appearance. 
  • As garnishes, microgreens introduce a textural dimension that complements softer or creamier components, creating a harmonious balance of textures on the palate.  By adding these greens as toppings and garnishes to the meals, the nutrient value is enhanced effortlessly and the home cooks can witness the wellness these microgreens can create just by using them as toppings. They tend to give goodness and enhance the nutritional value.
Microgreens in wraps and sandwiches  | How to eat microgreens
Microgreens in wraps and sandwiches | Image credit: Freepik

Salads & Soups

  • We have seen using microgreens as garnishes and toppings. Now, let us look at how to eat microgreens by adding them to a bowl of salads and soups. Sprinkle a handful of microgreens over a bowl of soup just before serving to enhance its presentation and taste.
  • The delicate leaves of microgreens wilt slightly in the warmth of the soup, adding a fresh and aromatic element to each spoonful. By adding them simply to the bowl of soup or salad, it gives a delightful appearance both in terms of taste and look. 
  •  These are valuable things to be added to any hot soups and veggie salads or sauteed veggie fries. 
  • They might be small in size but are big in their nutrition profile. The nutrient-dense greens will aid in promoting overall well-being and when added as a garnish to the main ingredient, it highlights the entire ingredient by contributing to the balanced diet as well.
Microgreens in soups and salads | How to eat microgreens
Microgreens in soups and salads | Image credit: Wispy greens

Smoothie bowls

  • Smoothie bowls have become increasingly popular as a nutritious and visually appealing breakfast or snack option. While traditionally made with fruits, vegetables, and other superfood ingredients, incorporating microgreens into smoothie bowls offers a unique twist, adding vibrant colors, fresh flavors, and additional nutrients. 
  • We have seen them enlightening the cuisines like salads and garnishes. soups, toppings, and many others. Apart from all these, they are also a great addition to the smoothie bowls.
  •  Who says no to a smoothie bowl? These days, people are curious and excited to add a green smoothie bowl to their diet early in the morning.  Not just a single variety of microgreens can be added, you can also opt for a mixed addition of microgreens especially to a smoothie bowl.
  •  The base is perfectly nutritious and enhancing it again with the nutritious microgreens will double the bowl of happiness served with nutrition and who says no to it? Whether blended into the smoothie base or used as a garnish on top, microgreens add depth and complexity to the texture of the smoothie bowl.
  •  Adding them to your smoothie bowl gives an exotic touch that creates a visually stunning presentation. 
  • The bright hues of microgreens contrast beautifully with the creamy texture of the smoothie base, making the smoothie bowl look more enticing and appetizing.
Microgreens in smoothie bowls | How to eat microgreens
Microgreens in smoothie bowls | Image credit: Brown acres

Sauteed dishes & Stirr fries

  • Microgreens infuse sauteed dishes and stir-fries with fresh, herbaceous flavors that complement other ingredients. Choose any microgreens as you wish, be it a mustard microgreen or broccoli microgreen, no microgreens can give you a chance of ignoring.
  • Adding microgreens towards the end of cooking preserves their delicate flavors, ensuring they shine through in every bite. In addition to flavor, microgreens add visual interest and color contrast to sautéed dishes and stir-fries.
  •   Is there anyone who says no to a stir-fried recipe? Microgreens can also be used in the sauteed dishes and you can also go for stir-frying on a medium flame infused with a few herbs that add a great sense of flavor. 
  • Sprinkling microgreens over the finished dish just before serving adds a pop of freshness and a touch of sophistication, transforming a simple stir-fry into a gourmet masterpiece. 
  • When adding them to sauteed dishes, mind their delicacy which might get overcooked when exposed to flame for a continuous long duration. 
  • Add microgreens towards the end of cooking to prevent wilting and preserve their fresh flavor and vibrant color. 
  • Alternatively, use microgreens as a garnish, sprinkling them over the finished dish just before serving to maintain their visual appeal and nutritional integrity.

Microgreens in sauteed dishes and fries | How to eat microgreens
Microgreens in sauteed dishes and fries | Image credit: Urban cultivator


The culinary journey has come to an end and the question of how to eat microgreens has been solved now. I guess this article has taught you more about the culinary arts and nutrition apart from the green journey as you witnessed in every other article. Variety is a spice of life and so is with this article. Am I right? The journey that began with gardening and cultivation has taken us to a different side of the coin which is much more interesting than the gardening part.

Especially for the people who tend to love cooking, this article would look great for them. If you are someone who is more passionate about gardening and one who is more excited about cooking just like me, then go for it. Nothing can stop you unless it’s you, Yes or no? Just trust and believe in the process of creating miracles with what you have and this can exceed all your expectations you have put into it. The process of experimenting and the further experience from it is always fun.

Next time, when you are preparing a sandwich a wrap, or any other dish, try adding these to them and also suggest the same thing to the people who have no clue about it. Be the one who can embark on a thoughtful and creative journey coupled with health. So, whether you’re sprinkling them over salads, blending them into smoothies, or sautéing them with your favorite vegetables, embrace the versatility of microgreens and savor the delightful experience they bring to every bite.

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