How to Grow Broccoli Microgreens: Easy Guide for Gardeners

How to Grow Broccoli Microgreens: Easy Guide for Gardeners

We are now back with another interesting choice of microgreens. Imagine an exotic vegetable that looks like a cauliflower but is fully greenish, a little smaller comparatively. What is the thing that has just struck your mind? Is that something familiarly known as Broccoli? That’s exactly true and the Broccoli microgreens are the ones that we will be talking about in this article. We use broccoli in salads or consumed as a steamed vegetable. Similarly, broccoli microgreens with their exceptional nutritional punch are used in vivid continental dishes and are probably the most preferred microgreens for human consumption.

With the expanding concern on nutrition, these miniature green versions of a fully grown vegetable offer you a true powerhouse of nutrition. This article will take you to the world of broccoli microgreens starting from the cultivation process to its harvest with a main emphasis on its nutritional value and the various ways on its incorporated into our healthy lifestyle.

Broccoli microgreen miniatures | Broccoli microgreens
Broccoli microgreen | Image credit: All that grows

Are Broccoli  Microgreens healthier than Broccoli?

Microgreens stand out as a green marvel concerning its nutrition than its counterparts and this fact cannot be denied. What makes Broccoli microgreens exceptional from fully grown Broccoli? Here are the facts!

Broccoli microgreens are known for their nutritional treasure which can be attributed to the abundant levels of phytonutrients. It helps in fighting inflammation and also has a considerably good level of antioxidants. The tenderness of broccoli microgreens makes them easily digestible and also palatable. This aids in easy absorption and utilization of nutrients by the body thus boosting an individual’s health.It is also a perfect go to option for the people suffering from any kind of gastric related issues. All these offerings of broccoli microgreens invite each individual to begin the voyage of good health. Let us have a look at its nutritional chart

Broccoli & its miniatures | Broccoli microgreens
Broccoli & its miniatures | Image credit: GroCycle

Nutritional composition of Broccoli microgreens

Broccoli microgreens offer a great nutrient composition. However, these values differ for each variety. It is to be noted that these do not represent the exact values and give a rough estimation regarding the nutrition. The other exceptional feature of broccoli microgreens is the presence of a phytochemical named sulforaphane. 

Dietary fibre 400mg
Vit A220mg
Vit C52mg
Vit K2.6ug
Vit E23.2mg
Nutritional chart of Broccoli microgreens

Broccoli varieties for Microgreens

Many popular varieties are widely available in the market. The two prominent broccoli microgreen varieties are mentioned below.

True Siberian

 True Siberian is one of the well-known varieties of Broccoli. It is predominantly known for its spicy and tangy flavor

Purple Queen:

The purple queen broccoli variety possesses a vibrant purple color as the name suggests. Unlike other varieties, it is prominently known for its very mild and sweet flavor.

Growing methodology of Broccoli Microgreens

 Well, we got introduced to what exactly are these tiny greens and also the nutrient merits they would offer! Now let’s deep dive into the material required and the actual process of growing them. Growing these microgreens is easy and similar to growing any other greens. But utmost care has to be taken during its growth period to ensure profitable yield and reduce considerable losses.

Materials needed for its growing

  1. Broccoli seeds for sowing
  2. Shallow tray or container for seed growth
  3. Cocopeat or soil for growing media
  4. Spray bottle for even distribution of water
  5. Light source (Sunlight / grow lights) for proper and uniform growth 
  6. Transparent sheet for the blackout period
  7. Scissors or sharp knife for harvest

How to Grow Broccoli microgreens | Cultivation method of Broccoli microgreens

Preparation of bed

Select a clean shallow container or any plastic tray. Make sure to provide drainage holes at the bottom of the tray/container. Fill it with coco peat or soil about an inch or two. Level the tray properly by pressing to ensure a smooth surface.

Sowing of the seeds 

Broadcast the seeds evenly across the surface without any overcrowding. Gently press the seeds and cover them with a half-inch layer of cocopeat. Once the sowing is done, make sure to sprinkle the water.

Blackout period

 Cover it with a transparent sheet for up to 3 days to prevent the seeds from being exposed to direct sunlight. Covering them will help in the elongation of shoots in search of sunlight.

Lighting period

  After the successful completion of the blackout period, remove the sheets and expose them to sunlight or grow lights to ensure proper growth. Providing adequate light is necessarily important for their healthy growth.

Care & Cultivation

 Water them regularly preferably with a sprinkler to prevent waterlogging. The media either coco peat or soil should be consistently moist but not wet. Ensure proper aeration to prevent any attack of external biotic entities.


 After a long wait of 2 to 3 weeks, your superfood is all set for the harvest. Gently cut the shoots using clean scissors or knife just above the soil level and wash out any adhered soil particles. Use them fresh or store them in a container after proper drying. They can last up to 3 to 4 days if stored properly.

Climatic Requirements for Broccoli Microgreens

They thrive in moderate to warm climatic conditions. They can also be grown indoors under a proper grow light setup. Here are some specifications of climatic requirements for their successful growth

Light14 – 16 hrs

Precautions need to be followed while growing

  • Use clean and sterilized material ( seeds, trays, soil/cocopeat)
  • Provide proper aeration to prevent any fungi build-up.
  • Don’t overwater, as it may result in mold growth.
  • Harvest them in the early stages i.e. when first true leaves appear for the best nutrition and flavor.

How is our Health Benefitted?

Weight Management:

As these microgreens are low in calories and packed with nutrients, they can be included in the diet for considerable weight loss.

Digestion friendly

 Microgreens are rich in dietary fiber and hence are the perfect addition that promotes healthy digestion thereby preventing constipation.

Antioxidant properties

 These contain good amounts of antioxidants that help in fighting oxidative stress and hence reduce the risk of chronic health issues.

Cancer-fighting properties

Sulforaphane is one of the active phytochemicals found in Broccoli microgreens.This  phytochemical  also possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory  properties. This compound is said to reduce the risk of cancer as it also exhibits anti cancer properties 

Cancer fighting property of broccoli microgreens | Broccoli microgreens
Cancer-fighting property of Broccoli microgreens | Image credit: Perfect Foods

Culinary applications of Microgreens

Broccoli microgreens are versatile, having a good flavor and vibrant appearance. It can be a great addition to all kinds of continental food making them a prominent choice by most of the chefs. They do not make a whole meal but surely make great additions to justify a complete wholesome meal. It offers diversified culinary applications some of which are mentioned below.

  1. Wraps and sandwiches
  2. Garnishing
  3. Salads
  4. Soups
  5. Topping
  6. Veg bowls
  7. Smoothie bowls
  8. Sauteed dishes
  9. Stir-fries
Culinary versatility of Broccoli microgreens | Broccoli microgreens
Culinary versatility of Broccoli microgreens | Image credit: To Agriculture

Problems faced during the growth process

 Every process is associated with its distinct pros and cons. Like any other cultivation process, the growth process of broccoli microgreens also has a few constraints which can be tackled well if proper attention is given to every detail involved in its growth process. Though growing is a simple and easy process, certain challenges may be encountered during its growth process like any other.

Uneven growth

 Growth variability might be observed even in the same batch of microgreens. This can be due to uneven and improper seed distribution, light inconsistency, and inadequate water availability. This can be avoided through proper care and monitoring

Damping off

 It is a fungal disease usually seen in the nursery stage where the seedlings fall off from being erect. In severe cases, it leads to wilting and finally death. This may be due to overwatering where a waterlogged condition is created. It can be avoided to some extent by providing optimum watering and using good and sterilized soil.


High humidity and excessive moisture can create a favorable condition for mold to develop. To avoid this, provision for proper air circulation should be provided, and make sure the seedlings are not overwatered.

Leggy growth

 No proper sunlight can result in elongated stems or become leggy as the microgreens try to reach out in search of light. For healthy and proper growth, natural sunlight or artificial growth lights set up is crucial. 


 Broccoli microgreens are tiny and healthy viable babies. Despite their size they do offer a wide range of benefits. These are simply a pack of nutritional punch that can be easily grown and maintained by anyone and everyone making it accessible to all the people. Moreover, these are pretty convenient to cultivate as they require minimal space and time.

Despite a few challenges like mold attack, damping off, and other indoor pests, proper care and attention to them will help in creating uniform growth and successful harvest. It is a must and sure to include these tiny greens in your diet considering their contribution to the overall well-being of the body. They add plenty of nutrition to the meal without impacting any calorie intake.

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