A Sneak Peak Of Remarkable Broccoli Microgreens Benefits

A Sneak Peak Of Remarkable Broccoli Microgreens Benefits

Well, there exists a broad range of spectrum to enhance our day-to-day nutritional choices. Among these, microgreens stand out as a super nutritional food. Microgreens have created a powerful sensation in the culinary world with no compromise on nutrition as well. Saying that people need to be more conscious of their food choices regarding what they eat and what it offers in return. Have a careful and keen observation of what goes into your body. For this to happen, it is mandatory to have a look at the health and nutritional benefits it would be offering.

Saying that, in this article, I want to make the audience familiar with the concept of broccoli microgreens benefits. The hidden scientific nutritional facts and figures will be revealed in this article further. Let us try to be a part and parcel of making people aware of mindful eating and adapt them to develop a habit of knowing what they eat! Briefly, mindful and choosy food preferences are as important as mindful shopping. Money matters and definitely with no compromise on health. After going through the entire article, just find out what are the ultimate broccoli microgreens benefits.

Broccoli microgreens | Broccoli microgreens benefits
Broccoli microgreens | Image credit: Gro cycle

Why prefer Microgreens as a nutrition source?

Microgreens are harvested at young growth stages. During this stage, these have just developed their true leaves and are densely packed with all nutrients. The early stage of harvest makes the nutrients to be easily available to the body and thereby promotes efficient absorption. As the life cycle is very short, they retain most of the nutrients in the seed itself because they don’t need to contribute the nutrition to the later stages.

However, it is necessary to keep in mind that the exact nutritional composition may differ. The factors like type of species, climatic and growing conditions, and many other factors influence the amount and kind of nutrition we obtain from them. They do offer good nutrition to our daily diet but they do not necessarily replace the mature vegetables available.  As a result, a concentrated nutrient profile is developed. Here’s the nutritional composition of amaranth microgreens. Note that the nutritional profile of amaranth microgreens shows a considerable variation compared to fully grown ones.

Facts and Figures of Broccoli Microgreens Benefits

We rely more on the scientific data of which we tend to have a belief in numerical figures. They do not depict the exact information but give accurate data close to approximation. Have a look at the macro and micronutrients that broccoli offers. Go through the below nutrition chart and find out what is found more abundantly in broccoli microgreens and what it offers the least and adjust your diet accordingly. Let us peep into the broccoli microgreens benefits.

Calories30 cal
Dietary fibre 2.5g
Vit A220mg
Vit C52mg
Vit K2.6ug
Vit E23.2mg
Nutritional chart of Broccoli microgreens
Health benefits of Broccoli microgreens | Broccoli microgreens benefits
Health benefits of Broccoli microgreens | Image credit: Very well fit

Cancer Prevention Property – One of the Ultimate Broccoli Microgreens Benefits

Have you come across the name of this compound called sulforaphane? 

It is one of the most familiar and probably the most useful compounds found in the family of Cruciferous. The above-stated family includes vegetables like Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, Broccoli, and others.  The compound sulforaphane has gained significant attention and popularity viewing its potential range of health advantages. One of the spectacular contributions of sulforaphane in the health industry is that it can lower the effects caused by a deadly disease, cancer.

Now, a question has to strike your mind. Where does this compound called sulforaphane come from? An enzyme named myrosinase is naturally found in cruciferous vegetables and plays a vital role in the production of sulforaphane. A precursor called glucoraphanin is present in these vegetables.

 When the vegetable is chopped or prone to any kind of damage, this enzyme converts glucoraphanin into sulforaphane. This entire process is fastened when the enzyme comes into contact with glucoraphanin. This point of contact can happen during chopping or chewing them.  Isn’t that quite interesting? Many more miracles happen within the body and its complexity gets simplified when you get to know the mechanism involved in it.

 Now, there is another question ticking your mind. Can we increase the sulforaphane content or can we choose varieties that have a high amount of sulforaphane within it? Well, the content of sulforaphane varies depending upon the growth conditions, variety, and climatic factors. In 100 grams of the whole produce, the sulforaphane contributes to about 33 percent. The broccoli microgreens benefit us at this point. Studies show that high amounts of myrosinase and glucoraphanin are present in broccoli microgreens when compared to mature vegetables. 

Isn’t it pretty surprising that these tiny creatures are too tiny to create wonders? If you want to increase the sulforaphane content, try to activate or increase the conversion of glucoraphanin which can be possibly done by slight cooking or chopping or by proper chewing. This is the whole story behind why cancer prevention is one of the ultimate broccoli microgreens benefits.

Chemistry of Sulforaphane found in Broccoli | Broccoli microgreens benefits
Chemistry of Sulforaphane found in Broccoli | Image credits: Cancer Education & Research Institute

Other Health Benefits Offered by Broccoli Microgreens

Regulation of Blood sugar

For those looking to manage their blood sugar levels, broccoli microgreens can also be a good option to include in their diet.  Regulating blood sugar levels can be done by consuming them and thus can be a go-to option for people who are suffering from diabetes. It is one of the significant broccoli microgreens benefits.

Improved Immunity

How do broccoli microgreens contribute to the immune system? Now, to get the answer to this question, have a look at the nutrition chart. It says that around 55 mg of Vitamin C content is present in it which stands out to be the second top vitamin rich in broccoli microgreens. Ascorbic acid which is the other name for Vitamin C is associated with the functioning of the immune system. Consumption of Vitamin C regularly boosts the immune system.

Heart Health

Potassium is said to be related to heart health as it plays a crucial role in regulating blood pressure. These microgreens contain about 300mg of Potassium in it thus enhancing heart health. The compound sulforaphane also benefits cardiovascular health apart from exhibiting anti-cancer property

Digestive Health

A healthy diet should not only include protein, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. A good amount of fibre-containing food also has to be included. Broccoli microgreens possess an abundant amount of dietary fibre which helps in regulating bowel movements and thereby reducing constipation and other bowel irregularities.  A healthy gut microbiome is also promoted.

Skin Health

Broccoli microgreens are said to have good antioxidant properties which means it protect the body from oxidative stress. The nutrients present in it protect the skin from damage and also boosts collagen production which gives us a youthful appearance. The vitamins and mineral content in broccoli microgreens make the skin look healthy thus contributing to skin health.

Eye Health

A good amount of carotenoids are present in broccoli microgreens. Lutein and zeaxanthin together contribute to the carotenoid group which plays an important role in promoting good vision. These compounds are associated with reducing macular degeneration which is an age-related disorder affecting eye health. The vitamin A content in these microgreens is about 500mg. Consuming these microgreens regularly can help in improved vision.

Health benefits of Broccoli microgreens | Broccoli microgreens benefits
Health Benefits of Broccoli Microgreens | Image credit: Down to Earth Microgreens

What are the ways to Consume Broccoli Microgreens?

We are having a great discussion saying that broccoli microgreens would do this and that. Keeping all this apart, how are these consumed? Should we consume them raw as such? Even if I were to say to just eat them raw, no one would be willing to eat that way including me. Keeping this in mind, we have so many choices where we can add them to our meals and enhance their nutritional value. They are a great addition to many culinary delights of which some are mentioned below.


Broccoli microgreens can be tossed and topped with any kind of vegetable salad. They can also added or mixed with other micro greens or any traditional green cuisines


Green smoothies are the perfect drink for an early morning routine and give a perfect touch to a health and fitness freak. Microgreens can be blended along with smoothies to enhance the taste of every sip.


Stir-fried sauteed vegetables are a yummy evening snack. Adding microgreens to the vegetable bowl enhances the taste with nutrition aside


Omelette is an instant tasty dish that serves you with a plate of happiness. Topping it with microgreens adds extra flavor. Both taste and nutritional aspects of food can be justified.

Pizza toppings

Who says “NO” to a pizza? Who says no to a healthy pizza? Try adding microgreens as green toppings to your pizza from now and taste the magic microgreens can create. It feels so yummy and delicious that could be a perfect choice of taste combined with nutrition.

Culinary applications of Broccoli microgreens | Broccoli microgreens health benefits
Culinary applications of Broccoli microgreens | Image credit: Pinterest


Well, all the benefits stated above are promising for your health and there is nothing much to worry about it. But, one cannot rely on them hoping for better health. A complete spectrum of nutrition can be drawn by preferring all kinds of fruits, vegetables, green leaves, and nuts in your diet. A single component can never heal you. But when combined, all together would be doing miracles. It is always advisable to consult your healthcare professional concerning any specific health condition of yours. Adding these greens to your meal is both a flavorful and a nutritional choice to revamp the well-being of an individual. Winding it up, this is all about broccoli microgreens  benefits

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